What Happens When Taco Bell and Kit Kat Make a Baby?

Have you ever craved a tortilla full of chocolate (as one normally does)?

And I’m not talking about those boring Choco Tacos.

Well, once again, Taco Bell has heard your 3 a.m. craving prayers and partnered with an unusual company to bring you…


The Kit Kat Chocodilla!

Via Instagram

The Chocodilla is a warm, ooey gooey quesadilla filled with chocolate chips and pieces of Kit Kat Bars.

Unfortunately, for citizens of the United States of Chaos, you’ll have to buy a plane ticket to experience the magic that is the Chocodilla.

Via Instagram

If you are located in the UK, India, or Guatemala: SEND CHOCODILLAS ASAP!! In return, I’ll love you forever and shout you out in my super cool blog.

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