Double Vision

The best things come in two’s, amirite?

For example:

Double cute boys!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.46.52 AM
via Instagram: @maxcarver

Double Stuf Oreos!


Double fisting drinks!

College wuz fun!

So, naturally, Taco Bell had to jump on the double train.

Introducing the glorious Triple Double Crunchwrap!


And just like a triple-double in basketball (the definition of which I Googled), the Crunchwrap is a rare oddity.

Not really. It’s basically just a two layer Crunchwrap, but isn’t it pretty?

With a measly 700 calories, it’s sure to fill you up while only being, like, a billion Weight Watchers’ points.

Don’t forget to order online or in the app to easily customize your meal.

Happy pooping! 🙂

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